An Introduction to Wilkatana Station

Wilkatana Station is a working sheep and cattle station situated in the Southern Flinders Ranges, 40km North East of Port Augusta on the western slopes of the Flinders Ranges. Wilkatana offers huge landscapes for photographers or artists who will enjoy the breathtaking scenery and marvel at the changing colours to be captured on film (card) or canvas.

Native flora and fauna is abundant. Over 130 birds have been sighted on the station, so take your time and pick your season to see our feathered friends in their natural habitat. Wildlife is all around you, some easy to find and others a little shy. So take your time and spot the kangaroos, euros, emus and even a resident Ostrich! Our reptile friends are everywhere including goannas, bearded dragons, sleepy lizards, geckos and a myriad of lesser known skinks and "dragons". See info sheets.

Bush-walkers and four-wheel drive enthusiasts will be happy here for there are many places to visit and explore.

After long days of peace and fresh air enjoy a hot shower from our "donkey heater" back at the quarters. Relax by the campfire and wait for the spectacular light show from the ever-bright southern stars. Wilkatana Station offers authentic outback, right at your back door.

Andrew has worked on Wilkatana for 29 years, so if there is something that you need to know about this country, he's the man! Rest assured that he, with his lovely partner Rachel, will have things tip-top for you by the time you arrive.